Since founded, in 1987, Kenta has been led following well-rooted principles of productivity, reliability and technology, principles shared by all staff members in their way of thinking and acting.

Such principles are the basis of our success and of our brand loyalty.

Today Kenta is market leader of the automatic distribution (vending) sector and automated industry, able to satisfy all customers’ requirements by supplying a wide range of gearmotors and accessories, even for smaller productions.

Quality is our goal and what our work aims at but it is also an indispensable prerequisite for your satisfaction and success.

Our brand reliability depends on the constant work of men and women and on an innovative use of technology. Quality is not “controlled” but “built” thanks to a strict system of procedures governing all stages of production.

Our approach to quality is always future-oriented. We will not settle for achieving the objectives but we will strive for continuous optimization of systems, products and services therefore becoming the ideal partner for your development projects.

Kenta carries out its work in a responsible and ethical way focusing on a sustainable development, respecting the needs of individuals, society and of the environment.

All our products are designed to last, preserving the same efficiency we produce them with, we guarantee a very low environmental impact in all production stages.

All suppliers share our same care for the environment and we are constantly working together in order to optimize the processes, to save energy and reduce waste materials.

Sustainability and efficiency are our essential values and an integral part of our business philosophy.