Kenta canisters are realized to satisfy all the needs in the dispensing of soluble products available on the market.

Typical applications:
Cold and warm soft drinks vending machines, vending and sector Canisters

The canisters
The canisters are made of neutral colour high density polyethylene in compliance with the regulations concerning food-grade products. They are available in different shapes and heights to offer the customer a wide range of capacities and sizes, with a plastic screw with predetermined pitch, springs for the shaking of the product to enable a perfect emptying of the container also from side residues. Each canister is provided with a special toothed coupling, offered in different lengths, for the gearmotor connection (see GEARMOTORS catalogue).
These canisters are available in transparent or white colour.

The pipes, made of neutral colour food-grade polypropylene and available in different lengths, enable to dispense the product with different positions and flow solutions.